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Psychotic Ramblings...

Psychotic Ramblings...

Time Parelell

Time is not everything, timing is.

A time parallel institutes a co-existence that is in a rapid motion inconceivable to a human or lower-dimensional-being recorded by plank-time.

In essence 1 Second on Earth is like 5,000 years of experience to God’s rapid acceleration of being. 

God watches the speed of light like we hear a sonic boom.

When his+her life flashes (all instances of Eternity willed into a fragmented moment) to The One it “makes a sound” among other brilliant things.

Your view of reality is so misconstrued, is it not?

The Earth is filled with “sperm” (People) and the Earth itself is the egg, in which ascension happens and you become the actual being of greatness (Spirit Soules)

Space/Time vs. Space/Motion


God knows everything, so the energy you are will never die. All energies exist in the mind of God. Everything exists in this moment. The holder of all these energies could obviously make a paralell universe out of an instance in your life and you may be living infinite lives through the course of God. You’re lucky to be who you are! Devastating things could occur through this speculation of humanity. Anyway, when you look at a clock you aren’t looking at what time it is. You’re looking at a motion in correspondence to the universe’s gravitational pull on earth and the stars and planets among them. It’s all a motion of reality and that’s key to living in the moment. Thoughts?


In a Godless zone such as the physical existence *but remember your connection to God is still a good one, no one produces 500m blood cells/s by themselves alone) we are subject to an entire hoax of reality through belief as in it’s all of us in psychosis over underlying realities, One after or over or under another to presume as real and not. 

Yet there’s one real solid belief and that’s God. The evidence is abundant that there are higher vibes that are in our lives and we don’t really need to question the unseen by us mere peasants to the chain of divine. The belief in God is the belief there’s more to life.

Which is, in this coexistence, nows your only opportunity to unite with God and to go beyond the belief system (even though the incantations I know are primarily based on a belief in certain aspects of reality)

Now to believe in God’s work, you should visit God’s work, but that’s for another post I don’t have time to do today. What I’m telling you now is that right where you stand is God, and other dimensions of higher knowledge and connectivity. It’s your purpose in life to seek the truth now rather than have it bestowed upon you at a moment of absolute loss of will.

Who are you to judge God, or expect more from life than The One has already given you?

But basically it’s really easy to ascend if you know the right things… Just have patience I’m revealing the trials and quests for you to seek the holy grail of enlightenment on this birth plane.

To take an extreme shortcut, you can just donate me *check the prophet profit page*



Let’s say you’re water


You’re basic, pure and such and such. Then there’s Rockstar Energy Drinks **FRUIT PUNCH** The basis is water, but in actuality the water no longer exists. So the water sacrificed its being for a better being. That’s what ascension is in absolute. You dying for a greater cause, like some navy seal.

The question is, are you willing?

Schizophrenia VS. Enlightenment


They by definition are different but are actually one in the same, the schizophrenic just doesn’t realize a divine moment if it head them in the head (which is what higher dimensional beings do pretty much)

One floats on while the other drowns.

How can we explain these voices and visuals that schizos experience? They just aren’t experienced enough to know that what it really is to be schizophrenic is to be “taught by the Gods”

In studies, *I’ll post here later* the frontal cortex has much less activity where you think of yourself (because as a schizophrenic you focus more on what the voices are saying to you, and that’s not you, that’s coming from Heaven aka Diamond Realm.

As said before God plays advocate of anything and if you are especially in a position of fear instead of love you will be brutalized by these voices.

It’s pretty ridiculous to think that we can make higher-vibration voices than the ones in our heads that your awareness plunges out daily. It’s as simple as  transition in belief. If you have a schizo disorder and choose to believe that it’s beings far beyond your comprehension; bigger than words than you’ll see a dramatic change in how the voices interact with you just by knowing who they are *cause they already know you* Aye, so what?


New Age @#!*%

Greeting and NAMASTEASD;LASHFASKLD. All these things like Chakras, Merkabas, Reiki, and even some forms of yoga, are complete and utter @#!*% . What’s really happening is you are engaging with higher powers with your belief that something will work in that light of mechanic and thus for your effort you are rewarded. Example here, would be Chakras. Each one represents something important in life and helps you reflect on it with a visual interpretation + feeling thus you become a better person. Sorry to break the news to you, you’re just hallucinating by the powers at work in Heaven. ;) Don’t believe everything that you read you might end up dead! Never take things seriously though, you’ll never make it out of here alive.